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Holiday Survival Guide

By: Lindsey Jelinek, PT, DPT, CSCS We all know the challenge of staying in shape during the winter. I mean, who can resist that extra helping of stuffing and pecan pie at Thanksgiving, or the chocolate and peppermint sweets around Christmas? Here are a few tips and...

What do YOU expect from your physical therapist?

By Lenae Sexton, PT, DPT, OCS In a culture plagued with choices, it is often difficult to know what qualities to even consider when making a choice. This is especially true of physical therapy – your choices are many, particularly here in the South Bay. So what should...

Breathe Your Way to Improved Performance

By: Matthew Varca, PT, DPT, PRC Part 2: Breathing’s Impact On Performance In part one of the “Breathe your way to improve performance” series we discussed the role of our primary breathing muscle, the diaphragm. We discussed that in the presence of breathing...

Breathe Your Way To Improved Performance

Matthew Varca, PT, DPT, PRC Part 1: The Role of the Diaphragm If you have been a patient of mine or have spent time in the clinic you know I am all about breathing! You may have seen me use tools such as balloons or straws and wondered what I am doing. In this article...

How will YOU keep fit this fall?

By Lenae Sexton, PT, DPT, OCS While I do frequent the gym twice a week, the majority of my exercise is done outdoors. As the summer winds down and turns to fall I find myself outdoors even more because the crowds dissipate. Whether you are running, walking, doing...

Why Runners Should Strength Train

By: Lindsey Jelinek, PT, DPT, CSCS To Lift or Not to Lift? For years runners have been told to run more if they want to improve their running performance. If you flip open any running magazine they may encourage sprint intervals or hills to increase your speed or...

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