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Sports Performance Training

Intended for the healthy athlete looking to run quicker, jump higher, swing faster, hit harder or cross the finish line we will address your deficits and create a gym-based program to help you succeed.

Here is how we do it:

  • Listen to your needs  
  • Expertly examine where are you deficient 
  • Set goals 
  • Provide a path with solutions for your needs 

Once we’ve got a plan we can do one of two things with it.

  1. Teach you a program that you do on your own.
  2. Lead and supervise workouts in our gym or on the field with your teammates.   

Everybody is different and customized programs are the key to our success.  We will assess how well you function then lead you through a program to optimize how well you move and perform. 

Commonly asked questions: 

Q: How does this workout differ from training with a trainer?   

A: The workouts will feel similar and the intensity will match closely.  The greatest difference is that when training at Positive Energy we will take extra care to minimize risk and avoid any overtraining injuries.  In designing a program to push your body further we will also factor in previous injuries and attend to them while you train. 

Q: I’ve finished physical therapy; how can I continue to work with my physical therapist to push my bodies’ limit?

A: Once the pain is gone and the new goals have been set, we will work alongside you to new heights never thought possible when you were hurting.   


The physical therapists take the time to listen and explain everything to you. Your therapist is engaged with you through your whole appointment, by watching and helping you during your workouts so you don’t do them incorrectly and hurt yourself. I see a big difference and major improvement with my body.


If you want to get back to an active life after injury or surgery, or just want to make your athletic experience stronger, Positive Energy is the place. They have brought me back from an almost two year injury. We are working towards longer distances after competing in some shorter distances. It’s a great team to be involved with, I highly recommend Positive Energy!!


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