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Gait Analysis

Walking and running are a predictable series of movements that provides forward propulsion. Many of us will never give thought to how we move forward until we hurt and are unable to propel forward. Intended for the caring athlete or client with the stubborn problem, our gait analysis will find where your pattern is off and get you back moving your best.

Our gait analysis is a 5-step process done over 2 appointments (1st is 90min and 2nd is 45min), separated by 1 week.

Here is how we do it:

  • We listen to your story, understand where you are struggling and what you’d like to do better.
  • We feel how you move, assessing where you are tight or loose and strong or weak.
  • We observe how your body moves using slow motion video cameras.
  • We interpret where your cycle is off by analyzing your body in motion and matching the deficits to your symptoms.
  • We offer a plan and solution to address your needs.


The run analysis I received at Positive Energy was superb. They analyzed my form and technique and identified my limiters holding me back from becoming a better runner. I’ve steadily progressed since then and my form has greatly improved, resulting in a new half marathon PR in 2017! I highly recommend taking the run analysis at Positive Energy.


Lenae has been so helpful in getting me back on the road and pain free! Her knowledge and patience creates a “let’s move forward” atmosphere. Her enthusiasm is infectious. Lenae uses every piece of equipment available and makes it easy to utilize what the patient has at their home to keep at it and get better. Also the friendly staff at Positive Energy make it a positive part of the rehabilitation process.


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